Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Still Hate ESPN

Worldwide leader my ass. I never even graduated college, and I noticed this.

"AFFECTED" you jackasses. Not "effected". It's national television. I can forgive simple grammar mistakes on blogs, cuz they're not paid to notice stuff like that. You're a major network. You might try to catch this stuff.

Also, another beef. I'm looking for interesting information. So when you're talking about something like the NCAA tournament, don't use "since" unless something hasn't happened in over a decade. This happens ALL the time, and becoming overused. For example, some team made the tourney this year. ESPN felt it was important to tell us that 'Team X made the tourney for the first time since 2004.'

So they missed two years. Who gives a f*ck???? Tell me that when it's important, like when a team hasn't made the tourney SINCE 1964. That's some shit I want to know.


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