Thursday, April 10, 2008

Visual Safety Tips

We've gone a long time without some Safety Tips, so here's a few, sprinkled with some random pictures from the last few weeks.

  • Went to the Brewer game on Tuesday night. Brewers won in extra innings, despite Gagne blowing yet another save. That's $10 million well spent this year. I got all excited, because I almost got to post my Hindenburg photoshop again after that game. Now they've lost the next two games to the Reds, so I might get to post it in April just yet.
  • I still haven't caught a damn foul ball yet in my life. But I got a major leaguer to blow me a kiss after heckling him. At least that's the story I'm sticking with. I was yelling at Ken Griffey Jr., and after a single in the 8th, he jogged into foul territory after reaching first base, looked at our section, and in what I swear was pointed right at me, blew a kiss. No one else in my section was as vocal to him, so that's why I'm sticking with my story. "Hey Griffey!!! You made it from the dugout to homeplate WITHOUT your walker!!! Good job! Way to go!!!" "Griffey!!! You know, 30 years ago, you coulda stretched that into a double!!!" (after the single in the 8th ). Good times. Nort went to the game too, and he even got into the heckling... but his was directed at me ( what's new? ). I don't even remember what we were talking about, but I mentioned that often, I enjoy acting rather juvenile, and that I was really like an 8 year old on the inside. To which Nort said, "Aren't you being a little generous?" He's just lucky it was raining and we couldn't get another picture of him on the dinosaur/horse/camel thingy outside the stadium again.
  • Here's a pic from the game though. That's me and my cousin Jeremy, he's the one that got the tickets for the game.
  • A segue into sports. Watched a fair amount of the NCAA tourney this month. Tried to teach the little one the finer points of college sports, but mostly he just bobbled his head around, and spit up alot during the games. But there were a few good moments, like this one, while watching the Badgers fail against Davidson. This was during a non-call of a foul. If only his movement was on purpose.
  • In the interest of 'equal time', we will now post this pic of him supporting the 'other' team. The VP/President of Operations is an alum, so there's not much I can do about it though. Makes for some priceless pics though!
  • And then there's the priceless moments. We took the new employee to his first Easter service... where he promptly fell asleep within the first 20 min of the service. I told the father that he was just getting a head start on his life as a Catholic. Sorry God.
  • With Easter comes spring. With spring comes rain... but I didn't think THIS much rain.
  • But the warm weather is coming, maybe not soon enough though. As we try to expose the little guy to as much of the world as we can, it would be easier if it were warmer. Even he wasn't impressed with the 51 degree day we had a few days ago.
  • Soon, buddy. We'll be playing ball soon enough.


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