Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Safety Tips...

- Nort hasn't been online, or answered his phone in like 3 days. Will said he wasn't at work on Monday. Normally, I wouldn't worry if it was a friend of mine for at least a few more days, but this is Nort we're talking about. He at least leaves his computer on all day. And I know there was Monday Night Football on tonight, but that's the kinda thing that would wake Nort up OUT of a coma.... so if I don't get any results on Tuesday, I'm going to buy an oversized Packer jersey, put it on a St. Bernard dog, and put a collared oak barrel of Leinie's Red around it's neck and send it out to Nort's house. That is, if it can find the house out in the boonies. Those cows in the field might scare the dog a bit.

- So HBO and Cinemax weren't working on the big tv at the end of last week, and it was a relatively quick fix for the bitches over at Time-Warner. Now, when I hopped online tonight, my DSL is all jacked up. It won't log in as my SBCYAHOODSL account, but will still let me surf the web ( and post my rant here ), through my IE. SBCDSL uses a 'Mozilla/Firefox' based explorer normally, but I got a window that says I've CALLED to cancel my service. Which I have NOT yet!!!! If I would have called to cancel, it would have been because we signed up for RoadRunner ( which we haven't, yet, but we WILL ).
The deal was, we were 'borrowing' cable from Marye downstairs. So, not able to order RR, we ordered DSL for $25 bucks a month through SBC. Well, Time Warner noticed, and now we're not borrowing cable anymore. But we're under contract through SBC till the end of September. So at that point, I WILL call to cancel SBCDSL. But it's not September yet!!!! Those donkey's wouldn't even help me out over the phone. They were unable to say why my phone worked just fine, and why I could log into any IM program that I liked, and why I could use the internet through IE... but had NO idea why the normal Yahoo login wouldn't work. DONKEYS!!!! And sadly, I've been okay with the service we've had so far. Seemingly fast connection, and never been unable to login. UNTIL now! So the drama continues until tomorrow morning when I get to call and yell at someone else. Ugh.

- So why don't people just ask for what they want in the first place? Why have you work on something for an entire week, only to ask the following week if you could do it the other way? Especially if you ask them how they would like it done in the first place, and actually suggest you do it the 'right' way, only to have them tell you to do it the other way? Or even if they asked you to do both, and when done concurrently could be done faster?

- Bank robbers in Brazil make off with $68Million. Story Here. There were motion sensors in the vault floor that didn't go off. WTF?? They dug a tunnel 2 blocks long. They did the math right to be able to come up from UNDER the floor of the vault. They busted through the concrete in the vault on a weekend, and made off with the cash. And the floor sensors didn't go off??? Can you imagine the vibrations that have to be caused breaking into a vault through the FLOOR?? Impressive all around. Impressive on the robbers part for the effort put into it, and either just plain dumb luck, or even more impressive if they suppressed the sensors.

- Daylight Saving Time is going to be extended an extra month on each end. I'm not going to link to the article, but there's one ( more I'm sure ) out there citing this as "Y2K7", and comparing it to a possible tech disaster that should have been the year 2000. If you bought a VCR that knows what day it is, and when it's supposed to rollover to DST.... STFU and GBTW!!!! Pull out the instructional manual, and go back to watching CSI instead of taping it.

- Maybe instead of "Safety Tips..." my random thought section could be called "Bitch Session". At least that's what this one seems to be. 'Cept for the part about Nort. We are really gonna worry by Thursday if he misses the Packer preseason game.

- On a happy note... Betty Crocker makes a pretty kickass pasta salad. The 'Creamy Parmesan' is especially good. Only takes a few min to cook, and rocks. Gotta love Betty.

- I'm trying to learn a program called "Flash" ( for web graphics/animations ). Anyways, it's not going so well. Difficult program to say the least. So far, I'm able to move a few objects around the screen, but can't get them to interact all that well. But I was playing with the Restaurant Hama logo, and had quite funny results with it. The "Hama" guy is holding a fish in one hand, and a big knife in the other. I was trying to get it to look like the knife was spinning around in his hand, and somehow, I programmed it to fly out of his hand and stab him in the eye. At first I was quite irked that I couldn't get it right, but then I realized how funny of a mistake that was. It's even funnier, because if I try to program the knife to spin around and end up in his eye, I can't even do that. So my next task is to learn how to integrate flash into HTML, and post my screw-up on here for everyone to enjoy. I sure don't like that program so far.

- Wow, this was a long post. I'll try to keep the 'Safety Tips' much shorter next time.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Nort said...

I'm alive, but you can still send out the dog with the jersey and barrel of Leinie's Red.


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