Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Hey BEAR!"

I know I've been slacking on here for a while, but for good reason. As usual, I've been working. But I did take the weekend to go camping, and have come back with some recharged batteries.

Thursday afternoon, Nort, his pops (Corby), and myself packed into Corby's Explorer and headed to the great Up North. My pops (Bob) went up on Wednesday to meet Brian at a campsite in the Nicolet National Forest that they've been going to for years. I went up a few times as a kid, but hadn't been back up to the Elvoy for at least 15 years. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas for this past weekend to get here. I do love camping, and having not gone for so long just wasn't right. Plus, I was gonna get to go with my dad - and my brother even ended up coming up with a friend of his - so with Nort and Corby too, it was a good male bonding weekend.

My bro Chris, my Pops Bob, and me.

Basically, I didn't do shiat. We got up there around 11:30pm on Thursday, had a couple beers, and went to bed. Friday it rained most of the morning. We did almost get hit by lightning that morning. Nort's lightning detection system decided to take that morning off I guess. A nap, and a late brunch kicked off the rest of the day.

Saturday we headed over to the local bar, the Elvoy Tavern. Dennis, the proprietor, knows Bob and Brian pretty well, and we watched the Badgers lose to upstart Illinois. Another nap while Bob and Brian took Corby and Nort on a tour of a few other campsites preceded a fantastic dinner... which was followed by some beer drinking by Nort and myself.

So yeah, like I said, I didn't do shiat. And it was AWESOME.

I got some good pictures which I'll get up here eventually, or on Flickr. But for now, it's back to the rat race. I'm workin on a couple of posts, so hopefully I didn't lose the six of you that actually check in. It is good to be home... but it'd be nice to still be up in the woods.

You can click any image on here for a larger version.

Nort and Corby

The fog at 6:30am the day we knocked down camp


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