Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trust Me, I Know What I'm Doing

I had the great opportunity to be at the first Packers/Seahawks matchup when Hasslebeck said "We want the ball, we're gonna score", and watched this past contest from the comfort of my reclining couch drinking UNGODLY strong brandy & cherry cokes. ( this may have been the first time I got more than a buzz from drinking during a Packer game, and I wasn't at Lambeau )

For the 2003 contest ( which was friggin cold ), we were sitting in the endzone, and I mentioned to my brother during the 4th quarter that Hasslebeck would step out from under center differently when he threw the hitch route. I said that Harris would pick off the ball, and prolly win the game for us. In overtime he did, and after I thawed out, the world went on with itself.

During the game on this Saturday, a Notre Dame alum, Ryan Grant, fumbled his way to giving the Seahawks 14 points in the first five minutes of the game. Most of my family should have been glad they weren't around medical personnel, as their respective blood pressures went through the roof. I calmly tried to explain that it wasn't anything to worry about. This was met with some skepticism, but I remained steadfast.

Fifty five minutes of football later, and two hours and forty five minutes of real life later, all was well, as the Packers trounced the Seahawks 42-20.

Now, either the Packers need to play the Seahawks every week, or I need to find a practical application for my talent.


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