Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Did You Do Today?

So far today I've:
  • Interviewed for a promotion.
  • Picked up little man from his grandparents.
  • Picked up chinese food.
  • Drove through a police roadblock on a bridge.
  • Began to get shot at by at least 25 officers with poor aim.
  • Did get shot by, and sent to the hospital by an officer with superb aim from a helicopter gunship.
  • Found out that lappers cost $50.
  • Also found out that if you get seven of them, and don't have enough money, the bouncers will try to kick your ass.
  • Beyond that, found out that after you kill the bouncers with a knife, the police will have surrounded the titty-bar.
  • Stole a cop car, which was promptly shot at, and blown up by the f*cker in the helicopter.
  • Drove a car into a river.
  • Proceeded to swim ashore, ending up at the airport.
  • Snuck past security (which wasn't really that hard), and wandered onto the tarmac.
  • Stole a large vehicle used for towing the really really big planes.
  • Laughed as the prick in the helicopter couldn't do shiat, cuz the vehicle must have been made of solid steel.
  • Caused a general ruckus on the tarmac, running over cop cars, officers, and general airport employees.
  • Stopped laughing when the vehicle tipped over, I was thrown from the vehicle, and was run over by a 747 (which was how I tipped, cuz I tried to destroy the plane, with no luck)
  • Stunned to learn I survived getting run over by the plane.
  • Not surprised when the bastard in the helicopter took the opportunity to send me back to the hospital.
All that stuff really happened.

The first three items happened in real life.

The rest happened in my first half hour of playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see what awaits my next hour.


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