Friday, September 30, 2005

Old School

Is it just me, or do those of you that still play video games have a couple of classics that you just don't ever stop playing?

I've talked about the old school Nintendo before, but I've found myself playing a 1997 version of a computer game lately. "Age of Empires II" by Microsoft is a real time strategy game. It's got graphics that you'd expect from 1997, and sound effects to go with it. I used to play the old "Red Alert 2", but alas, I don't have it on this computer.

I have a few recent games on the computer, and one really fancy flight simulator, but I don't ever play them.

There was a game from back when I was in high school that I would shave a cat for. Microprose put out a football game in '93 I think, called "Coaches Club Football". Terrible graphics, even worse sound effects, but awesome game play. A 'create your own plays' mode that was light years ahead of it's time, and a practice session that beats any I've ever played. Plus, as a QB, you moved the 'target' around the field, so instead of throwing to a guy, you threw to a spot on the field. Awesome game play I tell ya.

They made a "Coaches Club 2", and it was pretty terrible. They tried to improve the graphics, and it messed up gameplay. Sometimes, nothing ever beats an original.

"Age of Empires" would take a permanent back seat to "Coaches Club Football" if I could ever find it.

Anybody else like this? What games can't you ever put into retirement?


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