Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

Well, the roof was almost on fire yesterday. We had a bit of a problem with an electrical outlet yesterday, that had we not caught when we did, might have burned the house down.

The wiring in the house is pretty old, and apparently two of the wires behind an outlet in the bedroom got a little close for comfort, and started melting the outlet itself. We noticed it when sparks came out when something else on the same breaker was turned on.

So Bob came over with a new outlet, and explained to me which wires go where, and why. So a crisis was averted. Although I know it would have made for much more of an exciting read had something caught on fire, or if someone would have gotten zapped by the outlet.

Since I've now heard about Nort's lightning adventure in the river, that picture made me think of him.


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