Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Safety Tips

Random thoughts for the day, in no particular order.

  • Nort's actually been hit by lightning. Well, not a 'direct hit', but the boy was standing in a river that got hit by lightning. He said all he felt was his entire body tense up, and his leg jerked out to the side and whacked into a rock, breaking his big toe. Now, we all love Nort, but I cannot get that hilarious image out of my head. I've known Nort for a while now, and this was the first I ever heard of this story, after he read my lightning story below. You think you know a guy.... and it turns out that he's been sticking his finger in the electrical sockets. At least that explains his picks for the NFL this year ( just kidding Nort ).

  • AMC had on Field of Dreams tonight. Which was cool, but sucked at the same time. I haven't played any Madden, or College Football on the PS2 for a while, so I was going to use the downtime tonight to do just that. Then I saw Field of Dreams was on. And sadly, that's one of those movies that if on, I have to sit and watch. I'm curious as to how far this phenomenon goes, and what other movies people stop what they're doing for....

  • Former Milwaukee Bucks center (now with Portland) Joel Pryzbilla is taking boxing lessons here in Milwaukee. Joel is seven feet, one inch tall. He currently weighs 235 pounds. How is that possible? I'm six feet, two inches tall, and I tip the scales at 215. I have an athletic, but thinner frame. This guy is ELEVEN inches taller than I am, and he only weighs twenty more pounds than me. Wow. I don't think the boxing is going to help much Joel. Perhaps training for the competitive eating circuit might help.

  • Joel Pryzbilla is also the same guy who came out of college after his soph. season at the University of Minnesota. Joel was on a full basketball scholarship. See, the pesky thing about those scholarships are that you have to attend class. Joel decided not to do that. So when the head basketball coach called him in to his office to remind him that if he didn't go to class, he couldn't play basketball, Joel looked him straight in the face and said that he just wouldn't play basketball then, and quit the school. So how was he rewarded for his efforts? By being drafted in the first round of the NBA draft that spring, and cashing a check for a few million dollars. - No, I'm not bitter about how that all worked out.

  • The lead story on tonight was the impending Hurricane Rita. They talked about how in the event the storm takes a turn northward (which is not expected, but a small possibility), two whole buses have taken people out of the New Orleans area. This was the LEAD story. Two busses. How many people are we talking here? A hundred maybe? In an area where there are still TENS of thousands of people coping with disaster, I could have downloaded a video clip of maybe 50-100 people getting on a bus. C'mon editors, I know you can do better than that.

  • Speaking of the Gulf Coast, the Louisiana governor wrote a letter to President Bush, asking 'preemptively' to declare a State of Emergency, incase Rita makes landfall in Louisiana. Now given how the state and local officials really fouled up the efforts after Katrina made landfall, I'm not sure I'm okay with declaring a State of Emergency before something MIGHT NOT happen. And second... how are they still NOT in a State of Emergency down in the region??

  • On a happier note, city officials from Las Vegas, NV are putting together a proposal to take to the officials from New Orleans. They are going to offer to 'host' Mardi Gras this spring, until New Orleans can get back up to speed. They want to turn "The Strip" into Bourbon St. for the week. That is one of the better ideas I've heard of in a long time.

  • Vegas Baby, Vegas! Daliborrrrrrrr!!!

That's all for now, you may return to your regularly scheduled programming.


At 8:04 AM, Blogger Will said...

A coupld of observations:
1) Joel Pryzbilla is a no-talent asshat.
2) Mardi Gras in Las Vegas is a bad idea. There is a reason there is both New Orleans and Las Vegas in the same country, both being hugely popular -- there are so many pervs and degenerates that we need two cities dedicated to their debauchery and indulgences. Trying to combine both into one city would be a bad idea. Plus anyone who has walked the strip knows that it's not a place you want to throw a parade. Why? Cause someone's going to get killed. There are enough close calls with the sober parents pushing their strollers, we don't need drunks with beads thrown into the fray.

My solution: Find another city capable of handling that many people who love seeing cheap boobs, preferrably in the south.

...more on the blog???


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