Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ewwwww.... Code.

So yeah, I know it doesn't look that good up on top there, but I'm trying. I'm workin' on a graphic for the top, and have put part of the Hitmen banner on top of my blog.

I've been spoiled by Dreamweaver, and haven't had to deal with the pure code of web design yet, so it was an adventure just to get that graphic here in the blog. Code, like anything else can be a bit scary when you look at it, and you don't know what 99% of it means. So like a blind man at a stripper convention, I played with every little bit of code I could get my hands on, and eventually the banner ended up where it was supposed to.

But I know down the road, knowing (and being able to manipulate) the code is going to be the key to any success I'll ever have in web design. So I'm going to get my hands dirty in this messy 'code', and hopefully the class should help.

Hell, it can't be any harder than that freakin' Flash program. Sheesh. Flash is a beast to learn on your own. I figured out Photoshop and Dreamweaver in a fairly short time. Flash..... well, lets just say that even if I wanted to show you the screwups I've had with that program.... well.... I couldn't. I can't figure that out yet either. I really don't like that program. Hopefully this class will help with that. Then I can make the Hitmen site, and this blog a lot more interesting/interactive for my small audience.


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