Monday, September 05, 2005

Power to Wield

I can't wait until I'm 35 years old, and can run for President of the United States. That job comes with some awesome powers. You can veto laws from coming into effect, and nominate Supreme Court Justices that will interpret the existing laws on the books.

Oh, and I don't know if you heard, but the President can CAUSE hurricanes!!

Apparently, President Bush is to blame for the devastating hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast last week. I didn't know the President could cause changes in the weather.

How come people far less intelligent than myself ( and that's not to say that I'm the brightest of the bright ) can go on TV and spout about how the President isn't doing enough, and that this whole mess is his fault? I just get this little space in the internet here, that maybe all of 5 people read, and these asshats get national tv time?? WTF??

I turned on the TV and saw some relating articles on the aforementioned internet today, and the mainstream media was calling Bush an 'attention whore' for going down for a second visit. So how can he win in this situation? If he sits in the White House, he's a jackass for being insensitive to the situation, and if he goes to NOLA, he's being 'opportunistic' and looking for a photo-op. I dunno, maybe I won't want to run for POTUS.

An event like this just underscores how government really works. The people and agencies that have the most effect on your day-to-day life is LOCAL government. I challenge any person to give me an example when ANYTHING the President has done affected their day-to-day way of life. Your local government is responsible for that. Each State is run in their own unique way. It was set up that way. States were to be given their own identies, and let to be run the way they wish. So each State has a different way of handling disasters. FEMA is there to help, but would someone PLEASE explain to me what else the President can do in this situation?

Anybody?? Hello???......

Oh wait. There IS nothing else. He's appropriated money, and he's letting everyone else do their job.

I do feel really bad about what has happened down there, and wish there was more that I could do. I try to imagine if Milwaukee were suddenly under 10 feet of water. What would happen if I had no more access to the money I have in the bank? If all the stores were washed away? If my job was completely destroyed? Knowing that friends/family may have died? How long could you last without all those things? I wouldn't have the slightest clue about how to get started again, and doubt that I would be able to on my own. It's scary.

But I would not feel that it was the President's fault if no one got to my house for 4 days. And to all the pundits that think it is his fault, I hope you're doing your part to help. I can't go to NOLA and rescue people out of their houses, and if you're still sitting in a TV studio, you're not physically helping either. So YOU better do what I did, and then some. Go to RED CROSS ONLINE and make a donation. I wish I could have made a much bigger donation, but every dollar will count. And if you're on TV, you make ALOT more money than me, so pony up and put your money where your mouth is.


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