Monday, August 22, 2005

Football Sunday

Stopped out to catch the end of the Maniac's game on Sunday. We play the Maniacs ( and Mr. Will Davis is playing too - ask him about the bruises on his arm, he'll blame Brad's VD ) next week. Sunday game, and there's no Packers on then, so NORT, you better check it out.

It must be something with having a team name that starts with "M" - cuz the Maniacs weren't very organized. NO defensive huddles, and at least one WR that doesn't know where to line up. Should be good times. They fumbled like 7 times. Mercy rule kicked in during the 4th quarter. So I might actually play this time.

Overheard in the stands:

Random player: "You know, the awards are B.S. All the positions are totally different. Like Free Safety and Strong Safety; they're not the same. Well, Corners I guess you can lump them together, they're all the same." Really? You don't say?

Random player to Satterwhite ( of the Hitmen ): "What side do you play on, left or right?"
Satterwhite: "It depends, I play on the strong side"
Random player: "Ohh yeah, so you play the leftside then."

Also overheard was a collective "Oooooh and Ahhhhh" over a NON-big hit. A player kinda fell down, and somebody landed on top of him, which resulted in a few of the crowd whooping it up over the 'hit'. I commented to Will that there has been 83 times when I've been hit WAY harder than that, and there wasn't a peep from the crowd or opposing players. Gotta love this league.

Hitmen website should be done in a couple of days.... I'll make sure you all see it, and inflate our page view statistics.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Will said...

Yea, that guy was a dumbass. He kept asking people, most of which weren't paying attention to the game, how he looked. Everybody had the same reaction "Aw yea, man, you looked pretty good."

Unintentional Comedy Score: 79

If the guy he was talking to would have been as vocal and stupid this score could have easily hit triple digits. Sitting in the stands for the IFL games are much more entertaining than those shiatty Marauders games... for more than one reason ;)


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