Friday, August 12, 2005

Shortwell Saves the Day

Nort and I went to the Packer game this past evening. I still haven't dried off.

Apparently, they've lowered the speed limit to 22MPH through Oshkosh on Hwy 41.

We had pretty good endzone seats. I've sat around the 50yd line, and while those are the best seats in the house, endzone seats are my next fav. You get to see the play develop, and for a football nerd like me, that's pretty cool.

It would NOT stop raining for the game. Not even for 14 seconds. It would lighten up, then go back at it again. Aside from Favre's TD pass and Longwell's FG, the loudest cheer came when the rain came down in HUGE misting sheets. The lights would illuminate huge sheets of rain, and limited visibility across the whole stadium... and the place started to go nuts. Gotta love those Packer fans.

The Chargers had a QB named Theo Lemon. At least that's what Nort and I swore the PA guy was saying. You know you're a nobody in football when Nort and I look at each other and say in unison "Who the hell is that?".

Nort and I are on the ESPN broadcast of the game winning FG. Nort Tivo'd the game, and he says you can see us for a moment before the f*ckin' scorebox in the corner cuts us off. So we're famous now!

At the game, I received two phone calls from opposite sides of the country. Lee called to say that he would be in Milwaukee tomorrow ( Friday ). In classic Lee fashion, he waits till 8pm the day before he gets here to let me know. I really do love the guy, but that cracks me up. With Lee in town, I may have to do the inaugural "Running the Clock" segment, and do a minute by minute account of the day. Should be good times.
I also received a call from my father, who was very impressed with the sports bar he was at in Salt Lake City. They're not much for drinking out there, but apparently there's an octagonal bar, with 8 big-ass plasma TV's all along it. They also have flat screen TV's in the booths around the bar. And there's a few (2-3) projection screens along the walls. And that's just the first floor. So he thinks I should copy that idea and open one up here. So when I find $250,000 seed money, I'll do just that.

And I think I'll call the place "Above Average".

Speaking of bars, Nort and I ended the night at the aforementioned Hart's, and there was one female there when we got there. She left within about 10 min, leaving about 10 dudes in the place. Where's Will when you need him?!?!?!

( not that he likes sausage-fests, but he could have made pretty good fun of the situation ).

Off to get some rest with Sky Dork coming into town. And PS - we've got a football game on Saturday at 8PM, Milwaukee Sports Complex ( 60th and Ryan Rd ) - come check us out!!! I might get my uniform dirty this time, except it just won't be on punt returns.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

I guess it was a little hard to understand the new PA announcer. What we thought was Theo, was actually Cleo.

Cleo was born and raised in Greenwood, MS. The only reason that stands out is because the Tool has a manufacturing plant there. I'll have to see if any relatives might be on the payroll.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Kuflax said...

Yeah, but neither of us still knows who the fark he is even if his name is Theo.


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