Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Monopoly of ESPN

At night, ESPN runs 3 shows for 20 min apiece, and calls this the 'Trifecta'. Maybe a good idea in theory, but it's ESPN, so they screw it up.

Anyway, tonight on the "NFL Live" portion of the trifecta, they talked about Terrell Owens for TEN GOD DAMN MINUTES!!!!

Half the freakin show!! And 2 min was dedicated to the quotes by Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis, telling everyone to stop giving two shiats about T.O. Hey, if RayRay says to stop paying attention to T.O..... y'all better do as he says before 2 people get killed. Again.

So then they talked about whether there was TOO much coverage of the T.O. soap opera. OMFG!!!! Kinda like when they said they would "start" the debate over whether Tim Brown was Hall-worthy... there's no debate if you have to announce that you are starting one!! AND if you have to ask if there's too much coverage...... THERE'S TOO MUCH COVERAGE!!!!!

( hold on.... deep breath in...deep breath out.... )

I used to love ESPN. They still show lacrosse games at like 3am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, so they've got that going for them. But in the same way that I feel the urge to flip off the Journal/Sentinel building everytime I drive past it when I'm downtown... if I'm ever in Conneticut, and I have the misfortune to go to Bristol, I will feel the urge to shout obscenities at the ESPN campus.

They have all the resources in the world. They're owned by Disney for Christ's sake. Why can't they find ONE person who knows crap when they see it, put that person in charge, and get that shiat off the air? Ever since they were bought by Disney, they realized they would beat the tar out of Fox Sports Net, and any other 'sports' dedicated channel, and they've been perpetually producing worse and worse programming. Bitches. But they know we can't do anything about it. We have NO alternative.

So I guess ESPN gets the last laugh, and they get to give us a collective "Boo-yah!"


At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Nort said...

It's not only ESPN TV... ESPN radio yesterday, with Dan Patrick, had a news report from Sal Palantonio. Sal reported that T.O. wore his headphones in the shower. WTF??!??!1!!


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