Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Running the Clock

I will preface this post with the understanding that after all was said and done, I am much more happy with my WAC fantasy football team. So now that you know that, here's how it all unfolded, and I ended up with my not so rockstar team.....

9:12 - All logged into Yahoo over at Nort's place. Avoided hitting any cows,deer,sheep,badgers,horses, and hay bales on the way over to his place.

9:13- Someone in Nort's other league takes the Baltimore Defense with the SECOND overall pick in the CBS Sportsline league. The night is off to a good start.

9:14 - "Someone just took the Bills Defense in the second round!!! I'm drafting with idiots!!!!!" Nort yells out from the other room...... I wish I was in that league.

9:17 - Skippy jokes are missed.

9:27 - Mindless chatter going on while we wait for the draft, even some Skippy jokes make an appearance, much to my delight.

9:30 - We're off!! I'm in the middle of the order, so pretty happy with that.

9:31 - Tomlinson goes off the board. The guy took the whole 1:30 to make the pick.

9:33 - I get Jamal Lewis. Yes, that makes two leagues I have him in.

9:34 - Tom Brady goes off the board in the first round, much to the enjoyment of the online group.

9:38 - Randy Moss lasts until the second round.

9:41 - Nort prefaces his pick with "Start your jokes now", and picks Ahman Green. In a stunning use of foreshadowing, this would not be the funniest time Nort will use that line.

9:47 - Will's pick of Kerry Collins ( and by no means a bad pick ) generates more discussion that I would have guessed.

9:48 - Nort's pissed that Gates didn't fall a few more spots to him.

9:49 - 4 rounds to get the first Defense off the board.

9:50 thru 9:56 - Sale on wideouts in aisle six!!!

* so a quick update where I stand. You'll notice I haven't been listing the times and players I took so far, cuz I'm not happy with the way things are shaking out. I picked up Rudi Johnson in round 2, and Bulger in round 3. This was followed with Reggie Wayne in round 5. Let's just move on, and go back to making fun of everybody else, shall we? *

9:59 - First kicker off the board in round six. This is followed by a comment from a guy in our league ( I have no idea who he is ), saying that kickers and defenses should only be allowed to be selected in the last two rounds. I'm glad he's not in Nort's other league.

10:03- Wideouts are a strength in my other league ( Moss and Harrison ), but in this one I've got Wayne, Plaxico Burress, and M. Muhammed. Ugh.

10:05 - The 'moment'. Sure, we've chuckled at picks, and generally been making fun of EVERY pick online so far, but here's the one. This is the one that Nort's neighbour prolly heard our outburst of laughter. Will announces to the group, "Ready for this one?"....
And takes....
Cedric Benson.
In round six.

Let me quote from Will's blog. He gave a preview of the NFC North division, and here's what he had to say about Benson.

"They just signed their rookie RB and only prospect to do something meaningful on offense yesterday. Being a rookie with no camp experience puts him at a huge disadvantage to start off the season. That's like not having sex for 6 months then being asked to f**k Jenna Jameson -- you're not going to be impressive."

Benson might turn out to be a serviceable back. But because it was Will making the pick, after he said that about Benson, had us rolling.

10:12 - I just pulled my groin going to get a beer from Nort's fridge. When I return to the computer, I see that Fred Taylor has gone off the board. Coincidence?

10:17 - Will won't share with the rest of the group that he's received an 'invitation' for the evening, if you know what I mean. - Nort however, will share that information, at least with me, to Will's dismay.

10:21 - So thin at WR, I take Lee Evans. Moulds was still on the board, but he killed me so bad in a league 4 years ago, I didn't take him on principle.

10:23 - D. Graham at TE. I haven't had a Patriot in a league in a long time.

10:24 - I just got pissed that Pennington didn't last 4 more spots to me. I hope I don't pull a groin on the way back to the fridge, this is getting painful.

10:26 - I have to run out to the car and grab some fire extinguishers, as Nort almost sets his house on fire by selecting the Chicago Bears defense. We made a promise not to tell his father about that one. Again, and in a much better fashion this time, Nort prefaced it with "Start your jokes now"

10:27 - Kurt Warner better blow up this year.

10:36 - The last of the "Bring on the jokes" as Nort selects Longwell.

10:39 - Who the f*ck is Courtney Anderson?????????

10:40 - We still can't find out who he is online. ANYWHERE.

10:41 - Mont takes Kyle Orton. I wish we were playing for money.

10:42 - Anderson is some tight end. Nort or I still don't know who he is, or where he came from.

10:43 - Stephen Davis rounds out the draft.

10:45 - Nort's still not done with his CBS draft that started a half hour prior to ours.

11:20 - Nort finally finishes his CBS draft.

What a draft. The other people we have in the draft seem pretty cool, so we'll see how it all works out. Gotta love football season. Oh, and Nort... we'll fill you in on how week one goes while you're out having a meeting to discuss your 'duties'. Have fun!


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Will said...

Correction: I did not take Kerry Collins, I made fun of Nort for taking him cause he's wanted him in every league this season. I believe my comment was "Nort's got a boner for Kerry Collins."

And as far as Cedric Benson is concerned I'll probably only start him when Chicago plays the Packers. He'll get 150 yds and a TD, and then he'll go back on the bench.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Kuflax said...

Yes, you are correct, and I apoligize, Nort did select Kerry Collins.
I knew you had a boner for him too this year, so I just figured it was your pick.


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