Sunday, September 11, 2005

Football Gods Are On Fire


Sometimes the games just don't work out like you expect them too.

The UT/OSU game did live up to every word of hype from the last two weeks. I had thought Ohio State was going to win the game, but thankfully, I didn't lay any wood on them. Texas had 3 turnovers, and OSU had only one. But man, it was a costly one. OSU fumbled the ball with just over 3 min remaining in the game, and they were leading by only 6. Texas turned that into a touchdown, and with a one point lead after trading possessions, they pinned the Buckeyes deep. A safety, and that was the game. Texas 25, Ohio State 22. One of the best games I've watched in a long time. Between this game, and UT's performance in the Rose Bowl last year against Michigan, I'm almost a believer. ALMOST. Until they prove me wrong and actually do it, I cannot see them running the table and challenging for the National Title. But they sure put on a helluva show tonight.

Hook 'em horns!

Wisconsin has put up over 100 points in two games. I won't mention who they've played, but they've put up 100 points in two games. I think we went a seven game stretch last year with out breaking one hundred. And it's nice for the meantime, Michigan and Ohio State each with a loss. Hey now, I have to enjoy this while I can.

And on a MUCH lighter note... the Milwaukee Traveling Circus (read:Marauders) lost to Kane County tonight....


If you'll excuse me for a moment...


Okay, I don't feel any better, but I'm off to bed with dreams of a Venom beating in my head. Will hit it right on the head; "If you're thinking of joining a semi-pro football team, join a GOOD one. Maybe the defending champs if you can."



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