Saturday, September 10, 2005

Safety Tips

Half time of the Ohio State/Texas game, so I felt like expounding some wisdom on the masses....
  • This game is living up to the hype. In today's world of 24/7 coverage, that hardly EVER happens.

  • Went down to TosaFest to grab a bite to eat. It was pretty dead this afternoon. Great weather, Saz's, Chancery, Bartolotta's, etc all having food out. Beer a plenty. But hardly any people. TosaFest used to be 3 days. Now, it's one and a half. The Badger game was over. How can things like this not survive?

  • Mack Brown is the coach at Texas. He is 1-14 against teams ranked in the top 5. One and freakin' fourteen!!! Jim Cooper was run out of Ohio State a few years back because he only beat Michigan 4 out of 9 tries. Almost half the time!! Brown absolutely lays an egg against a good team. Which sucks for him, because he has to play Oklahoma every year. How can he keep his job with a record like that?

  • He sure can recruit though. Those linebackers for Texas are freaky fast.

  • Another bit about the game tonight. This is arguably the BIGGEST non-bowl game in the last ten years of college football. It's a night game, on ABC, which means it's being broadcast to the WHOLE country. It's the second ranked Longhorns vs the fourth ranked Buckeyes. There's 102,000 people in the stands, some of whom paid over $1,000 to watch the game. The loser of this game most likely has NO shot at the national title, and the winner emerges as the biggest threat to USC. So do you think ABC could broadcast this game in High-Definition????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How does this happen? How does the entire sports department over at ABC not get fired for this? Who said, "No, leave the HD cameras here, and just take the regular ones to Columbus."? In case you hadn't noticed by my previous articles, the choices that the TV stations are making are really pissing me off.

  • Hitmen play the Venom tomorrow at 3PM. Yes, it's right during the Packer game. Yes, the retard that comes up with the IFL schedule should be slapped in the mouth. But I'll play some more this game, some offense, and some defense. Will is going to prolly play more than I will. He's at home with a water IV hooked up right now. Each day this week, the forecast for Sunday got hotter and hotter. So it should be fun.

  • Nort's going to have an MRI tomorrow. On a Sunday. And the MRI was scheduled for 3 days after he initially saw the doctor. How can I get on that health plan?

  • We'd also like to give a big shout out to Momma Garb. The woman that gave rise to Nort is in the hospital after undergoing spinal surgery. Nort of course didn't tell me she was having surgery until she was actually in surgery - but I wish her well, and a speedy recovery.

  • Marauders play at Kane County tonight. Over/Under on how many points they lose by? Anyone???

Alright, the game is going to be back on in a few min. I'm sure ABC/ESPN/Disney will do something in the second half that will cause me to have to post again before the night is out.


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