Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

If I knew how to type in the 'music' symbol in the headline, it would have been a little funnier.

So WTF is with spam in the comments? Not that any of my mass of readers comments on what I say, but wow. I've only had the blog for a few months now, and already getting spam in the comments. Is it like spam in email? Are 5% of the people actually dumb enough to click on it, and then proceed to order what ever it is?

So I think I may have to go the route and inconvenience all 7 of you that might read this once a week, and turn on the 'word verification' for comments. I know... you all hate me now. Well, thbbbth on you. I played for the Marauders for 5 years. You think I haven't been booed before???

Plus, this will be better for me. I'd get my hopes all up when I'd see a comment, and then be all distraught when it was some spam. So sad. So now I can return to my normal life.

Unless of course, you all want to keep ordering whatever it is they're selling.


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