Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On A Roll

So the last couple of posts were football related.... so why stop now!?!?

I know it won't do any good, and I never do things like this ( cuz you'd get the same result by sticking a sharp pencil in your eye ) - but I actually sent an email to ABCSports about the lack of the game ( Texas vs Ohio State this past weekend ) being broadcast in High Definition. I tried to be as polite as possible, and didn't mention any of my rants about ESPN ( ABC is the parent company of ESPN, and ABC is owned by Disney... so some business major needs to explain to me how a company within a company can own another company... anyway... ), and even asked for a reply.

I asked why the decision was made to not broadcast in HiDef, even though this game would garner more viewers for a game than any other matchup this year. I asked why they spend a significant portion of their budget on promoting HiDef, yet chose not to showcase it then. I asked why they would spend a significant portion of their budget on R&D for enhancing HiDef graphics and in-game 'toys', but refused to show the game in HiDef.

Much to Robyn's dismay, this is why I got the TV that I have. For games like this. Sure, her episodes of House look great ( and btw, it is a really good show. Even a great cameo by LLCool J on tonight's episode ), but I got it for football. ESPN managed to show the 5PM kickoff of LSU and ASU in HiDef, but the marquee matchup got pushed to the wayside.

I'm not holding my breath for a reply.

On a lighter note, despite getting completely WAXED in the BNS fantasy football league, I did well in every other aspect of football this past weekend. I beat my old boss in the WAC fantasy league, and beat the boys in the Pick 'em league ( pick the winners of the games based on the weekly line ) with 9 right. It would have been higher, but the Rams decided that they would rather play soccer than football, and Denver couldn't beat a team with a rookie running back, rookie head coach, and a quarterback..... well, I couldn't even tell you who the Miami qb is. So with only getting 9 of 16 correct, I coulda put wood on all the games, and woulda only been up one bet worth.

The Hitmen remained perfect with a 21-0 drubbing of the Venom. Willy played a lot, and I saw some action on defense. Got to come up and make a good stick ( but I gots to wrap it up B!!!! ), but it was fun. Coach said after the game, he was a little hesitant of puttin me in on D for two reasons. Reason number one was that I haven't had much of a chance to practice with the defense, and reason number two was that he heard I was a cancer as a teammate.

Two guesses where he heard that from.

Willy started to set him straight, but he said that he has seen nothing from me that would back that up, and put me in the game, and thought I did a good job. Which is nice, because both Will and I should see increased playing time as we all get ready for the playoffs.

So we play yet another Sunday at 3Pm, and the weather should be much better this time around.

So next week, you'll get to hear about how I waxed Nort up and down the WAC league, and how good it feels to be 6-0 on a minor league football team.


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

Do you care to back up that prediction of "waxing Nort up and down"? I say we put a little sweet action on that game. I've already got Will in the BNS league to bite.


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