Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Have Proof!!!

Right now, as we speak, there is a photo being developed at Walgreens.

Of Nort dancing.

I'll repeat that for those of you that might have just spilled coffee on their keyboards.

Nort. Dancing.

He busted a move at 'Nessa and Skip's wedding on Sunday. It was imperceptible to the untrained eye, but Nort did the chicken dance. I haven't seen the picture yet, and it may look like he's just standing there.... but I SWEAR he danced. A little.

"Mikey done all grows up!! Our baby done all grows up!!"

Nort was like a big f*cking bear on Sunday. He had these big claws, and these big fangs, and the bridesmaids were like little bunnies, and he was just pokin' em. He wasn't hurting them, just gently batting them around. Can you tell I just watched "Swingers"?

Good times abound at the wedding. Pretty cool bubble theme during the ceremony, which was quite short and to the point. But I'll get the pictures up when we get them back. The boys looked pretty good in the tuxes. Even when they weren't dancing.


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