Friday, October 07, 2005

Mmmmm. Steak.

Even though I was playing shorthanded, I still managed to beat Nort last week, and cashed in on the bet earlier today. The prize was a steak at Boulder Junction. Now, there weren't any kids that were acting like my Walgreens adventure, but there sure were a lot of freakin' kids at the Boulder on Friday.

Yes, I know it's a Friday, and people like to go out and eat on Fridays... but gimme a break. It's a halfway nice place. Can get crowded REAL quick. It's not a place that's targeting to kids ( or parents with kids ) - so parents - go eat with your kids at places like this Monday thru Thursdays, and let the adults enjoy our meals on the weekends.

Nort also informed me that there was NO way I was going to get him to try some calamari. If it's not pizza, steak, lasagna, or chicken, he won't touch it. This is the same guy that will try just about any kind of beer that you put infront of him, but WILL NOT try a piece of fish, some salad, or calamari.

But he's not as bad as a guy I knew from Oshkosh. Jason came down to Milwaukee for Summerfest and a Dave Matthews Concert a few years back. After the concert, we were roaming the grounds, and that year, Bartolotta's had a food place there. So calamari being a fav of mine, I went to go order a couple of baskets. Seeing me and others chow down on it, he asked what it was. We told him to try it before we told him. He agreed, and loved it. Suggested that we should get some more. We then told him that calamari is Italian for squid.

I thought he was going to throw up right there. He couldn't get pieces out of his mouth fast enough. Wouldn't touch another piece. Nevermind the fact that he just ate about a whole basket by himself, and loved every bite, now he hated the stuff. I have never to this day understood that.

And I can respect Nort for being a picky eater ( I used to be one ) - but how does the logic differ from the beer to the food? If you're willing to try all kinds of beer, hoping you'll find one you really like, why is food any different? I guess I'll never understand that one either.


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