Sunday, March 26, 2006

And The Winner Is....

Here in Wisconsin, we're gearing up for an interesting battle for the Governor's Mansion this fall. The incumbent, Doyle, has taken a beating the last couple of years, but remains a strong force within the Democratic Party.

On the Republican side, it was shaping up to be a two horse race to see who would take on Doyle. But this past week, County Exec Walker decided to step down before the primary. He is widely being lauded for the effort, even by the uber-liberal Journal/Sentinel.

But here's where some smarter political pundits can help me out. Walker stepped down in an effort to unify the party behind one candidate, but did so mostly because he wasn't raising funds fast enough to keep pace. He was raising funds at almost a hundred thousand per month clip. Now, I know he spends some of the money, so it's not ALL sitting in a bank account..... But my question is - What happens to the money that he raised in an attempt to win the Governorship?

Money that was raised, was done so under the pretense that he was going to TRY to win the top spot in the state. He has now stepped down from that race. He didn't lose anything that was voted on by the people that gave him money. So does he get to keep it? Does it stay in a fund for a future race that he may attempt? Can he use it if he chooses to run for re-election as County Executive? Cuz that might seem mildly unfair to his opponent in that race.

I pay a modest amount of attention to politics, but sadly I don't know much about campaign finance. I think it's kinda bogus if he gets to keep it. But, there's not a fair alternative either. If you gave the money to Green, the other Republican candidate, at least it stays within the party, but the money wasn't earmarked for him. Refunding the money isn't an option, so what do you do with it??


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Well... one reason Walker was behind was because Green had previously been running for a Congressional spot, and instead transfered funds from one campaign to the other. Walker ought to be able to do the same and use that money when he has to run for County Exec again.

At 8:00 PM, Blogger Will said...

The money goes to the canidate, regardless of the race, so he gets to keep everything. Walker's going to run for something, but if he decided not to run he could actually donate whatever money is left over to another canidate or to the RNC.

Think of it this way -- If you donated $50 to A Cure for Cancer Fund today, and tomorrow someone found a cure you wouldn't get your money back. The fund would decide how best to use that money, and since you decided to trust the fund to find a cure you also trust them to handle that money in the best possible way.

And about the race -- Walker stepping aside for Green is TERRIBLE! Green's a pussy, and although the primary would have been tough Walker is just a better conservative. Look for a Doyle repeat.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That money is going towards the "Get Matt to drop off those freaking pictures already so his brother can get working on that painting" fund.

Yeah, that's right, I'm invading your blog to tell you that.


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