Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Surprising Pictures

As always, if you so choose, click for a bigger pic.

This last one is interesting, not from a scary perspective, but an unexpected blast from the past. The two people on the right, I went to high school with. This picture was take just days before our graduation, and I have no idea why they were at the club. There's a total of four pictures with this group, and in two of them, they're holding envelopes. The guy is Bryan P., and the girl is Julia H. Julia was the 'darling' of our class. Everyone would have dated her, if given the chance. Unless you were gay, you had a thing for Julia. I've heard now that she's a lawyer. **Sigh**


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Party Girl said...

whose the 70's porn star guy?

and the first guy looks like, 'Jay' of Jay and Silent Bob fame, with a bad mullet.


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