Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Have You Done With Your Life Lately?

A friend of my dad's, and someone that I worked for while I was in high school, has written a book. It's the first of three books, which are told in a story based off his life.

Writing one book, let alone three, is impressive. For Mr. Bennett, this was a cake walk.

Here's a guy that was in the Army. Then, after getting out of the Army, got a job in the "Sea and Ski" industry, and started scuba diving. He has worked with, and for, PADI (professional association of diving instructors), and has seven international scuba certifications. He owned his own company, selling scuba equipment, teaching divers, and teaching divers how to become instructors as well.

He was a major player in the scuba industry for over 40 years, and helped pioneer underwater video. He built his own submarine, which will be on display in a maritime museum in Wisconsin, and even appeared on "Unsolved Mysteries", detailing his quest for $300 million in gold up in Door County.

And now, for fun while 'retired', he wrote a book. I had the chance to talk with him again tonight, after not having seen him for almost five years. He is a very smart guy, and when you look at what he's done... it makes you take stock of your own life. But tonight, I actually thought that I could do it too.

I have a feeling that I'm gonna go into work, and this project, with a little head of steam tomorrow. Hope it lasts..............


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