Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Other Shoe

In my ever revolving job duties, I've been given a HUGE assignment of making a presentation for our 30th Anniversary party that we're going to have. It was almost going to be insurmountable, but thankfully, they've removed the sound requirement from the presentation.

I'm going to make the 'movie' in Flash, in the hopes that it will look thousands of times more professional than if it were a PowerPoint presentation. I spent most of the day putting my ducks in a row for this project, and much to my surprise, they all fell into place.

**crickets chirping in the background**

This really can't be this easy can it? Should I be worried that everytime I had a logistical question, someone had an easy solution for me? I seriously knocked out eight of the ten MAJOR hurdles that have been put in front of me already.

So when does the other shoe drop? Is it bad that I'm that cynical about it already?


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