Monday, February 27, 2006

Bullsh*t Reality

Some of the girls at work..... OKAY..... ALL of the girls at work today were discussing the Bachelor, and who he was going to pick on the show tonight.

That show is still on??

I had a question for the women that none could give me a satisfactory answer to.

How in the world do the odds work out that when you put 25 women in a house with a guy, EVERY single one of them thinks he's the one for her?

If I went out to the bar and met 25 women, odds are that most of them AREN'T destined to be with me forever. It just wouldn't work out. So how is this show any different? Does the fame of the guy on the show make him that much more desirable? I find it hard to believe that when they interview all these women after they get 'cut'... be it after one show or the last round... that they all cry and say how sad they are that they didn't get to be with him forever.

It doesn't make sense. How come there's never any women that afterwards look at the camera and say, "Well, he was a nice guy, but I just didn't see it working out in the long run".... or "Well, it didn't just click right away" - ???????

How is it not conceivable to these women when they go in to the show that it might not work out? He's a guy, just like any other. If they can find a soulmate that easily, how have they not done so by now? Haven't they ever been out to a bar? I don't get it.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger Party Girl said...

desperation. The woman are on TV, they hear their biological clock, and they want to be 'the one'

It's national TV, they don't want the humilation. they want the celebrity, "fame" the ring.

See also, desperation.


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