Monday, February 27, 2006

Gettin' My Lift On

There's alot to post about today, and since this is the least consequential to you, my beloved readers, I'll get to this one first. By writing this one first, it won't sit on top of the post que for very long, and you'll have already made it through the better stuff.

Anyway - I worked out tonight with some of the football guys at the new Muskego gym. That in and of itself is not post worthy, but I thought on the long drive home that I am going to tell you about it, but for selfish reasons.

I've actually been working out alot this offseason, which is quite a change for me. Now that I've found myself in a situation that I'm really happy with, even I'm surprised how much I want to work out. Now, don't get me wrong... I still don't really like working out. I've NEVER once in my life gotten the endorphin rush after a good workout. It sucks when your body feels like you just wrecked the hell out of your muscles. But I know I have to do it... especially this year. I want the QB job in the worst way, and that's only gonna happen if I lift weights and do footwork drills like a mo'fo.

So in addition to my usual drivel, I'm gonna post about the times that I do workout. I'll keep it brief, but by putting it on here, I think I'll be more conscious about keeping a regular schedule. Not that any of you will be scolding me if I skip a few days... but hopefully this will keep me on task as we approach the season. I'd like to keep up with four good days a week.

Today - cardio, shoulders, and ab work.


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