Sunday, March 05, 2006

Holy Ouch Batman

I did it more for fun, but ended up getting a helluva a workout. Saturday, I played in one of the biggest racquetball tournaments the club runs. I did both singles, and doubles. It was an all day event, and they fed us food, and had a DJ come in to wrap up the night at the bar.

I LOVE the fact that there's a bar where I work.

Anyway, the tourny itself was pretty fun, but I'm paying for it today. Everything from my calves, to hips, shoulders, abs, quads, and even my neck, is hurting today.

The highlight of the day? Watching Eric (a fellow employee) get SMOKED in a match against a 12 year old. I too, got beat by the kid... but not nearly as badly as Eric did.

The whole day was alot of fun, and watching the guys at the 'Open' level..... WOW. Even I had a hard time following the ball on the court. Watching that gave me further appreciation for the curling that we're going to take up next winter. I enjoy racquetball, but don't take it very seriously at ALL. But after seeing those guys, I know I'll never even come close to their level. Now, curling on the other hand... at least I expect that I could be competitive after a little while.

That, and I imagine you don't quite feel like this after a day on the ice.


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