Monday, March 13, 2006

"Teh Intarweb Is Down!!!"

I've read before, how one of the funniest things you can say to someone that works in the IT field, is that "the internet is down". While I could see why a computer guy would think that was funny - I never realized just HOW funny until this morning.

In quite an auspicious start to a Monday morning, my day began with a call while I was enroute to one of the clubs. Keep in mind, I was not supposed to work in the clubs starting this week, but they still need some help for the first half of the week, so I was already not too excited about starting today.

And then the call came.

Club:-"Matt! I'm glad you answered!! K and D are both out of the office this morning, and the internet is offline!! I don't know what to do!"

Me:- "You mean the fileserver is down, or you can't connect to the internet?"

Club:- "Both. There's no files, and the internet is down."

That's when I had one of those moments... you know, where you say something to someone, and you know they won't get it, but you open your mouth and say it anyways, without thinking...

Me:- "Well, the internet never 'goes down', I just sounds like you lost your network connection. I'll be right over."

Club:- "..........what?"

Me: - "Nevermind. I'll be right there."

Club: - "Okay, please hurry!"

In a situation like this, the only real concern is that while the network connection ( and thus, the internet ) is down, people cannot punch in and out. We use a web based service from ADP to keep track of payroll hours. At nine in the morning, there aren't very many files on the main file server that are that require immediate attention. And ADP was smart enough to plan ahead, and design the software to allow managers to go back in and edit timesheets.

In the end, it turns out the building most likely got hit by lightning, and the power supply to the switch got all jacked up. So even with no K & D, I was still able to save the day. The front desk couldn't believe that it was that quick of a fix - and I didn't even try to explain it to them. I kinda like the thought that they think I have the power to revive the WHOLE internet.

So how's everyone else's Monday starting off??


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Congratulations my friend. You're now a full fledged member of the club. You're now ready to read the stories here, and laugh your ass off.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger AlRo said...

Ok.. coming from someone who's been in the System Administration business for 10 years... I can so sympathize with this...

The best ones i get are calls like this:

USer: "Is the server down?"
Me: "The server? Which one?"
User: "well i can see anything!"
ME: "Are you blind?"
USer: "No goddmanit don't be smart with me; the server is down!"
ME: "And i'm telling you that there are MANY servers that run a network.. and i need you to be more specific!"

*User uses a laptop*

User: "Well I don't see anything on my screen!"

ME: "Does your laptop get into windows."

*annoyed she responds* "YES!

mE: "So you see SOMETHING"
User" yes...!! but i don't see my files"

Me: "Your files?! on your machine or on the file server.."
Her: "On the server - cuz the server is DOWN.."

"no it's not!"
"Yes it IS!"
"I see the file server fine .. it is up"

ME:"then perhaps you shoudl be doing my job, considering you know so much more than me!"

Her: "There you are being a smart ass.."

Me: "No.. here I am asking pointed questions and getting nothing but vague answers.. do you see your email.. do you get your home page when you launch you browser?"

USer: "I already told you the SERVER IS DOWN!"

Me: "Is your cable plugged into your network plug on the back of your laptop?"


You are living my pain brother!

True Story!


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