Friday, May 05, 2006

Why Do You Have To Bring Up Old Sh*t???

I had to go to our downtown location yesterday and today - don't even get me started on the clusterf*ck that is the construction - and I noticed a billboard this morning.

The billboard was for the sportstalk station 1250 AM.

"Still chaffed about
4th and 26?"

There was something else about being able to call in and vent about it - but I didn't really pay attention to that part.

Some things you just have to let go. Nort and Will started a joke about Bears fans - especially those that can't let go of the past. They were listening to the Chicago sports radio station, and Mike Ditka was a guest. A caller called in with a distinct Chicago accent, and started the call of with... "Tanks fer da '85 Bears coach.". Twenty years after the fact!

Did the 4th and 26 play suck? Yes. Huge donkey balls. And while there are some Packer fans that will stay chaffed about that forever - I don't like the idea of putting a billboard in the largest market of Packerland that reminds us of that play.

Would a Chicago station put up a billboard asking Bears fans if they're still chaffed about signing Kordell Stewart? Or would the Minneapolis radio station put up a sign asking fans if they're still chaffed about the two years in a row that the Vikings missed the deadline for the draft picks? Or how bout Detroit? Put up a billboard to get people to listen to your radio station because the listeners are chaffed about..... well.... about being Lions fans?

Well, actually that one might work.

But Packer fans have a different kind of relationship with their team ( see example Nort, G. ). They really don't want to talk about 4th and 26. Most will want to call in and talk about how the Pack has a playoff chance this year. While they don't have a chance- at least the fans are optimistic, and that's alot more fun to listen to than bitching about the past.


At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Momwoman said...

OK, this will make you crazy but I STILL turn inside out at 4th and 26. Some things are just too hard to get past. But, I remember the ice bowl just as much. And the dropped pass on Christmas a few years back that extended the season. So, the good things stay too. Love, Momwoman


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