Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Off On the Wrong Foot

The start to the regular season didn't go as planned for anyone involved with the Hitmen organization. My situation is even less clear than before, but as a whole, there's more fish to fry. The Hitmen proved the old adage on Sunday, "That's why they don't play the games on paper"- as we fell to the Venom.

It was two big plays that did us in - a blocked punt, and one long pass. But that's the kinda thing we should have been able to overcome, but we didn't. Hopefully, this will light some fires, and we'll get things moving in the right direction.

How much I'll be able to contribute (if at all) to that is still left to be decided.

But on a positive note, Bob got some GREAT shots from the game. Some of his best work I've seen.

Miick tries to turn the corner.

The offense looks to get it going early in the game.



At 12:02 PM, Anonymous YD said...

Tell the Packers that I'm available - I'll work for field passes....


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