Thursday, June 29, 2006

Safety Tips

  • The power went out this afternoon at Summerfest, shortly after the gates opened for the first day of the festival. Overplayed quotes on the news from the power outage - "The day the music died" - "The quietest music festival in the world" - The worlds largest acoustic music festival". I'm sure the bands that were supposed to perform that afternoon were just thrilled with the four hours it took to get the power back on. As were the food vendors that lost all refridigeration for that time period. But hey, the tappers still worked.
  • We got SO poured on in practice on Wednesday. And we almost got hit by lightning. Good times. I've never seen some big men move that fast as when lightning seemed to hit the field next to us. Good thing Nort wasn't with us - or we might have had a direct strike.
  • After the shortened practice, a few hours later, I got a text message from Lids that said: "I still have prune feet." Dude, somethings just need to be left unsaid.
  • So I wasn't going to put this next item up, and then I got the aforementioned text message - so here goes... Willy, Nort and I were at the bar following the f*cking loss on Sunday, and they were recanting some of their Vegas stories from their recent trip. One of the stories involved a midget, and Will commented on just how small this midget was. So to try to put it in perspective, I asked "if the midget was like the Lids of midgets", which was received with a resounding "YES!", and a good laugh after that.
  • Lesson of the Day = Don't send me messages about your feet.
  • The clusterf*ck that is downtown Milwaukee, got more bad news today when it was announced that the State St. bridge won't be done until next spring, instead of the fall opening that was supposed to happen. There is a MAJOR interchange downtown that is being torn down and rebuilt, and they're rebuilding bridges and tearing up streets downtown. Getting into, or out of downtown is almost impossible, as they've torn up just about every east/west artery - with no end in sight. I'm not a civil engineer, but I refuse to believe that there wasn't a better system available for construction schedules.
  • Bill Simmons of jumped the shark a little while ago, but at times, he still slips in a few good one-liners. His analysis isn't why I still read him, but more for gems like this one that he did during his Draft Day Diary:
    10:20 -- The Mavs take Maurice Ager at No. 28. He puts his head in his hands and starts sobbing hysterically as his entourage congratulates him. It's about time we had some emotion tonight, dammit. Ager walks up to the stage in a triple-breasted, oversized beige suit, goes to shake hands with Stern and immediately gets whistled for a foul on Dwyane Wade.
    • Stats were recently posted for a certain football team ( NOT the Hitmen - let's just say a team I used to play for ) - and the quarterback stats looked like the following after two games: QB A: 7 of 19 for 82 yards ( 27% ), 4 sacks, 1TD, and 3INTs....... QB B: 5 of 18 for 125 yards ( 36% ), 3 sacks, 1TD, 4INTs, and 2 fumbles......... QB C: 1 of 13 for 45 yards ( 7% ), 0TD, 1 fumble. Looks like they're playing exactly as they're coached. And up next for them is a game against a team from Illinois. If I didn't have a game that same time, I'd gladly donate the 5bucks just to watch them get smoked.

    That's it for now, I'm off to try to watch the fireworks.


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