Thursday, October 26, 2006


I turned over the website for the former football team - and they changed hosting providers....

So the banner and my links are gone for a little while. I'm too lazy to rehost them for the moment, and I ask for your forgiveness at my naked blog for a day or two.

But Blogger's picture thingy still works, so here's two pictures I like.

It's been WAY too long since we've had that beautiful face on here.

Those are two of my dogs. Well, kinda my dogs. My parents own three dogs, and they've had those two since they were puppies. The third, Beezer (not pictured), was rescued from a home that was going to get rid of him when he was 10 years old - so my parents took him in. The yellow lab is Shelby, who was a prodigy genius of a puppy, and then went bat-shit crazy. She's very hyper, and is an attention whore. But she was such an awesome puppy, we still love her. PJ, the black lab, is a perfect dog. Not an attention whore, but will quietly sit by you, won't bark just to make some noise, and smiles when you do pet her. She also loves picking up the rubber toy teeth they have, and holding it in her mouth like in the picture.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Lostgirl said...

Awe cute. Everyone likes animals.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Party Girl said...

OKay, Kyra, she's purdee.

The second picture freaked me out. why? Cause I was expecting a second picture of the purdee Kyra.

I also couldn't figure out why the cute black dog was smiling so damn big and how a dog could do that. You know, smile.
Then I read the post and all became clear.

However, the simple fact that I was perplexed by how a dog could in, smile..proves that I am seriously sleep deprived and my cold is attacking my brain cells therefore, I must go to sleep now.

Thanks for pointing that fact out to me.

Oh, and Kyra is purdee.


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