Thursday, October 12, 2006

"This One Time, At Band Camp..."

I've only ever known one person who was a part of UW's band, and he may have been the strangest person I've ever known. And that's saying alot.

He was the kind of person that while attending UW, climbed up the scaffolding on Bascom hall ( a famous old hall at UW ), and at 2am, was singing the Wisconsin fight song - over and over - at the top of his lungs. Police were called after a few minutes, and they told him to come down. He was enjoying the view, so he yelled down to police a request....

He asked that if he sat quietly for five minutes, if he could stay up there to enjoy the view, then he'd come down peacefully and be arrested.

They agreed.

Seems that he would have fit right in with the band. There's a local story here, and it even made national news on ESPN.

In unrelated Badger news - even this shocked me.

Which team has cranked out more NFL draft weekend picks over the last six years: USC, Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan, Auburn, or Wisconsin?

I should have known that - but it's Wisconsin, with 31 draft picks. That's one more than USC, two more than LSU, three more than Oklahoma, nine more than Texas, six more than Michigan, and 12 more than Auburn.

Wow. And since I'm prolly the only one that finds that factoid interesting, I now return you to your daily grind.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Nort said...

Dude - I pointed out that UW draft pick story to you months ago.


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