Monday, September 11, 2006

I Won't Forget

(this was the desktop image I had today... someone posted it on Fark, it's the skyline from this morning in NYC, and five years ago today, the WTC would have been right in the middle of the image)

So I've talked about how the day has affected me, and how I can't shake why it's affected me the way it did, and today was no exception. CNN ran a video feed for free on the website of their broadcast from that day, in realtime. The original plan was for me to work out of the house this morning, but I got pulled away... which was prolly for the best, cuz I wouldn't have gotten any work done, I just would have sat there watching the CNN feed.

I watched football tonight - while taping the "Path to 9-11". Like an idiot, I didn't DVR the first half, which aired last night, but I imagine sometime after I finish this post, I'll sit down and watch the second half.

I heard alot of talk on the radio and TV today, about how America isn't any safer five years after 9-11. I read alot of editorials in the last few days saying how America is still on the wrong path. I've heard alot of people bitch about how they're afraid the government is overstepping their bounds, and that they're afraid their rights are going to get taken away. I'm hearing alot about a crazy woman that just bought a house in Crawford, TX, and wants President Bush brought up on charges of war crimes.

Before you read any further, check out a post by PG, and then come on back to this post. Don't worry, I'll wait while you read the whole thing.

Has my life changed since then? Not a whole no, at least not on a day-to-day basis. I may have to wait longer at the airport before I go anywhere ( which isn't as often as I would like ), but most essential functions of the day haven't changed. But I do feel safer. Not 100% safe, but safer. There are those that want you to believe that it is possible to be totally safe, and that if you're not, then government isn't doing their job. But being 100% safe is not a possible end result.

The people that want to hurt us, are willing to DIE in order to achieve their goal. Think about that for a second. Someone is willing to end their existence in order to advance their beliefs. And that's what we're up against. So to say that the government shouldn't be doing what it's doing makes me sick. There's over 3000 reasons why we have to remain steadfast in our goal.

And if you don't think so, go back and read PG's post one more time.


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Party Girl said...

Well said.

Very well said.

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous YD said...

Amen ....... and very perceptive

btw ....... your mom DVR'd the first half ....

btw-2 PG - very powerful, very touching

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Lostgirl said...

Yeah I was thinking about this myself. What I came up with is this, and it is my opinion, no one has to agree with me.

It's been five years, for the last four this day has come and gone leaving me with little feeling and emotion. I feel horrible and awful that it happened that those people died and the families lost loved ones, hell I watched it on tv and was numb by the end of the day. I however refuse to jump on the whole "patriotic bs bandwagon".

Due to the five year mark the media jumped on board and made a "HUGE" deal out of it, some of us want to just quietly grieve and not see it everytime you turn on the tube.

When it comes to security and do I feel safe or any safer, nope not one bit. Sort of like Matt mentioned they are willing to die to kill us. There is no amount of money and security that can stop someone from destroying any one part of us or our country again. It is no excuse to be in Iraq, because that what it is in my opinion an excuse to invade another country and go on a gun ho killing tyrade. All in the name of 3,000 that were killed. I am not buying it, if that makes me unpatriotic then bite me and so be it. To me its a disgrace to drag all 3,000 into a war.

I blame the media for disclosing a lot of things that should really be kept under wraps for obvious reasons. Let them find it on the internet but don't play a part in the play and then look wide eyed when it gets used against us full out and they start ad-libbing.

Finally, I fly a lot and while I appreciate the upped security its really rather a hassle. I am not able to bring on my friggin chapstick, chapstick for gods sake, I mean come on. Be a little sensible about this stuff.
Thats my 5 cents instead of 2.


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