Thursday, August 24, 2006

Safety Tips

Yikes. Even Nort has posted more than me in the last two weeks.

There's been alot going on, and once again, I've neglected the six or seven of you that actually waste time here. But it's been a pretty productive day so far today, so we'll try to right the ship here at Know What I Mean, and do a better job at this blogging thing.
  • I've helped start a company, and that has taken away alot of the time that I would spend coming up with shit to post on the internet. It's really exciting, but kinda scary at the same time. But it's going pretty well from the start here, and I'm sure it will get busier before it gets any easier. I'll keep you posted as we grow, and I begin my quest for corporate world domination.
  • Lewis Black made the joke about how much more difficult it is to keep being a comedian. It used to be that he could read the paper, then take a couple of days to make a joke about a current topic. Now, he reads the paper about the port ownership on a Monday, and on Tuesday already, the country has moved on to immigration. I began to feel like that with the blog for a while. Not that anything I have to say is important, but there's just SO much shit going on out there that it was kinda nice to not have to come up with anything to say about it - clever or otherwise.
  • Pluto is no longer a planet. WTF? Who gets to decide that? And why now? All my life, we had nine planets. What about all those kids in elementary school that just learned astronomy this past school year? They leave the third grade armed with their newfound science knowledge... and now have to go back as fourth graders in a week and find out they were lied to??!!?
  • For those of you that don't know, I'm a big physics dork, so I actually find interesting the debate on planet status. One of the ironies of physics that I find interesting, is that we're really trying to make sense out of something so big... so infinite ( even though it's not really infinite... although it has no edge, it's finite in area..... nevermind... ) .... but something so much bigger than our brains can potentially handle. And yet, we still try to figure it out. Check out this description of a photograph that was taken by one of the Voyager crafts. If you're having a bad day, you might want to skip the pic though. When you think about it, kinda leaves you feeling a bit insignificant.
  • Speaking of insignificant, I may be watching the end of my football career get closer with each snap of the remaining few games of this season. This farkin' sucks ass.
  • Which brings about another quandary... did someone say "Bombers"? I wish it were that easy. A few major hurdles as far as the league is concerned, but every time I have one of those 'glass is half full' days... I think it could work, and be successful. And then I have a day like yesterday, and I think it's not such a hot idea.
  • Chicago banned foie gras. Goose liver. The city common council banned restaurants from selling it. I didn't know that crimes like murder, assaults, robberies, and rape had all been wiped out from Chicago. Must be nice when the common council can take the time to legislate HOW GEESE ARE FED before they're killed. Some restaurants are jumping on the ban, and taking it one step further... and refusing to serve lobster. Why you ask? Cuz they say it's inhumane to drop a live lobster in boiling water. Inhumane? Maybe. But pretty damn tasty. It's a FUCKING lobster. Fine, the chef doesn't want to do it? Hand me the sea creature. I'll sky-hook that bitch right into the boiling water. I can't stand it when people make laws for the sake of making laws, and feeding their power trip. My hat is off to the chef in Chicago that is going to charge 18 dollars for potatoes..... and give away a free side of foie gras with the 18 dollar potatoes.
  • So I'm moving downstairs. And even though it's the same building, it's technically a different address. So I had to move my phone/dsl downstairs, as well as the cable. For the cable switch, they have to send a dude out here to make the change. For the phone/dsl, they DON'T have to send anyone out. So guess who's charging me for the switch? That's right. AT&T is charging me $30 to change my service location. WTF? Time Warner is sending a guy to my house, and they aren't charging a nickel. Time Warner might be a bunch of bitches, but atleast they did this one right. $30 to have me move my phone service. Dickheads.
Well, I'm sure you're all glad I made my return to bitch about stuff. Get back to work slackers.


At 7:27 AM, Blogger Collin said...

As much as people bitch about the high prices of cable, in the FIVE YEARS that I have had it, I've NEVER paid anything more than my monthly bill. Service goes out, they fix it, no charge. Equipment breaks, they fix it, no charge. FUCK... if I was lonely one afternoon and wanted to shoot the shit with someone, I could probably get that NO CHARGE. I've moved 3 times, and never paid a penny for it. On top of that, when I DID have DSL, it took them weeks to get the equipment (that I had to PAY FOR) to me, and another few weeks to activate the frggin' thing. Sure, it's cheaper by the month, but in the long run, CABLE KICKS ASS. Oh yeah... if I wanted to quit RIGHT NOW, no charge. Sure they bay be the only cable game in town, but really, is that so bad when they do so good?

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Lostgirl said...

I posted about the Pluto thing also. I was astonished. I too felt that same thing about learning that we had nine planets and that Pluto was always the underdog due to size and distance. A lot of time was spent in grade school and middle school science learning about the planets. It was comforting to know that there were nine, it never occurred to me that more could be out there or that they could just take one away. I still really believe more in science than other things but I just cannot seem to come to terms with it being considered a "dwarf planet". It just doesn't make sense.


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