Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On Wisconsin

With the bowl season now over, something that we here in Wisconsin can enjoy till spring training is the Badger basketball team. They have their highest ranking ever in program history, at number 3 in the coaches poll. That stock will soon rise, as tonight, they beat the fifth ranked Ohio State Buckeyes ( who just can't catch a break at that school. The basketball team just lost to the Gators, and with the beatdown the Gator football program put on OSU, I'm sure that no one in Columbus wants to see blue and orange for a while ).

Now I'm not as savvy on basketball as Will is - and he's more of an NBA guy - but I love college sports, and do enjoy college basketball. But I'm not really here to talk about the ins and outs of the game, just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. The first is of my new favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews. She does college football games, and worked the OSU - UW game.

Between her and Rachel Nichols, ESPN is finally doing something right. Here she's interviewing a UW player... so either she's tall... or is wearing some rockstar heels.

And now on to a picture that has me wondering. The star player for Ohio State is Greg Oden. He is going to be the number one overall pick in the NBA draft this summer - and would have been last summer when he came out of high school - but the new NBA rule doesn't allow high schoolers to jump straight to the NBA anymore. So Oden is a college freshman... but when have you EVER seen a college freshman that looks like this??? ( he's the one on the right )

18, 19 years old??? C'mon. Let's see a birth certificate. A guy with that many folds on his forehead, and that much facial hair was playing against high school kids last year?? I thought LeBron looked a little older than he should have for a high school kid at the time.. but Oden?? Look at him! That's a 30 year old man playing for Ohio State! Sweet Jeebus.


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Look at those man hands!!


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