Friday, January 19, 2007

Safety Tips

I know I haven't posted much lately. And when I did, I mailed it in with video clips and pictures. Hopefully after the vacation, I'll come back recharged, and make an effort to post everyday.

Although I did try that for a while... so we'll see how this next go-round works.

Before we get to the actual "Safety Tips", a shout out to B.O.B., who started his own blog. Go check it out. Btw, the pic of the kid fishing, is a pic of me and my grandfather.

Now, on to the next installment of my 'mailing it in'.

  • It's 9:15 pm right now, and I'm blogging instead of packing for vacation.
  • I'm actually really, really tired ( to the shock of some, I got a crapload of work done today ), so packing should be a pretty good adventure tonight.
  • Well, I guess the real adventure won't begin till I get to Hawaii and realize that I packed a remote control, a couch pillow, the garage door opener, and silk boxers.
  • Hot damn, that collection of items would have made for the greatest MacGuyver episode evar!
We pause now to bring you the following conversation that occurred during the production of "Safety Tips".

Will: On the website I can bet on the next Pope.
Will: And who Lance Bass might date next.
kuflax: SWEET
kuflax: *****.com?
Will: Yup.
kuflax: i'll have to check it out when i get back
Will: Sure.
kuflax: lance bass and................
kuflax: ?
kuflax: that's a tough one
Will: Dude... stop
kuflax: it's gotta be one of the real long shots
kuflax: not an odds on favorite
kuflax: i'd stick $3 on Seacrest - that'd pay out like 1500-1
Will: lol
Will: Clay Aiken
kuflax: and in the end, would it really surprise anyone?
Will: Not really.'
kuflax: see now, i'd think aiken would be a 5-1
Will: Sure.
kuflax: that's why you gotta dig deep in the pool
kuflax: see now, you have to go to the page for me, and list some of the odds
Will: I will not. I refuse.

Back to the action.....

  • Thanks to the aforementioned B.O.B. - we're going to Hawaii tomorrow morning. First class airfare, and staying HERE. I don't think I've been this excited for a day to get here since the girls in high school would wear their pom-pom outfits on Fridays, and Julia H. would sit directly across from me in physics class.
  • Maybe that's why I like physics so much as an adult.
  • On a science note, I'm making the DVR record alot of shit on the discovery channel, especially the HD Discovery channel. OMFG. There was one on the other night about life on the ocean floor. THE OCEAN FLOOR. Where pressures exceed 250 pounds per square inch, they found life living around hydrothermal vents. The water temperature exceeds the boiling point there, but because of the great pressure, it doesn't actually boil. These hydrothermal vents are caused by magma leaking up from the mantle, and forms new plates on the ocean floor. The magma, when it comes in contact with the water, releases very toxic chemicals, like sulfates and the like. And yet, it's teeming with life. Check some info out here. The footage was absolutely stunning. There's no way that it compares to ANYTHING else on this earth - it really looked alien. But there's a strong case that situations like this is what brought life to earth, and that's where it all started. Some cool shit, huh?
  • Jason, a coaching colleague of mine did a new site for the upcoming track season. Sorry Will, there's no pictures of the girls on there.
  • In my other life, apparently after I signed the fat contract, I didn't care as much, and didn't put as much effort on the field. And apparently I'm shorter, and I went to West Point. Not a bad alter ego I guess. That league looks like a wet dream for Nort, however.
  • In more football news, Mike Vick, aka Ron Mexico, got busted at the Miami airport, for trying to board with POT in a water bottle that had a secret compartment. How f*cking dumb do you have to be?? Once touted as the person that was going to revolutionize football, now he's maybe not even the best QB on his team. Schaub could start for half the teams in this league, and deserves a shot at starting on his own team. Vick's talents have dropped off immensely the last few years, and he relies on his legs way too often. The diminutive quarterback that I've played with for the last few years has better accuracy than Vick does. You'd think for 100 million dollars, you could lay off the pot for a few hours while you board an airplane. Sweet Jeebus.
  • Well end this nonsense with a feel good article for you about the impending end of civilization.

Alright peeps - off to pack. I'll think off all of you while I have some fun in the sun, and as you await my triumphant return!


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Marsellus "Fuzz" Wallace said...

If I get to your place to do the shovelling and I found out you took the couch cushion, the garage door opener, and the remote control, I'm going to personally see to it that the rest of your soon to be short ass life is spent in agonizing pain.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Party Girl said...

Okay, the whole science bit about the ocean floor, totally freakin' hot.

Yes, I am a dork.

A hot dork, but nonetheless, a dork.

This I know.

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