Sunday, March 25, 2007

Top Three

Which is good, cuz they're only keeping three out of the seven of us. They won't make any cuts for two more weeks, but they did sit us each down alone to give us a heads up of where we were, and what we need to do.

From the powers that be:

Strengths - Leadership, mechanics, and playbook knowledge.
Weaknesses - Tend to be a little flat footed on the last dropback step. Also tends to not use hips enough in throws, uses more arm than necessary. They did say I have above average arm strength, but they think it could be even better if I let the lower body do some of the work.

So I'm pretty happy with the situation so far. When they say they're gonna sit each of the QBs down and tell us our good and bad points, you get a little nervous. But after the meeting, if that's what they have to say - I'm very happy at this point. I've worked very hard on my mechanics, and was a little surprised they're 'the best in camp'. I've been pretty quiet, so I think I can expand on the leadership stuff even a little bit more, and the playbook stuff was easy for me since I'd run this offense for five years earlier in my career.

To fix the flat foot.... well.... lets just say that me and Mr. JumpRope are gonna be good friends for the next few weeks. Oh joy. The hips with the arms is just going to have to be something I keep thinking about. It took a long time for me to not have to concentrate on the difference in throws between a baseball and a football, so this will just have to stay on my mind until I do it right.

The Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach is a great coach, a great guy, and a former QB. I'll try to soak up as much as I can from him.

We finally go outside next week, so we'll be out of the small gym, and can finally open up the offense a little bit. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger ptg said...

FYI - if you're flat footed on a dropback, you'll want to jumprope as well as retro walk/run on a treadmill. Jumprope is forward motion, retro is backward motion and more similar to what you're doing on the field. Just a thought.


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