Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gone Fishing

A news piece came out from this week about how Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas is choosing to decline an invite to attend the annual draft hoopla, and instead continue a tradition of going fishing with his father on draft day.

Apparently Mel Kiper of ESPN was interviewing Thomas on the subject the other day, and basically berated him for not going. You DON'T have to go. I'm sure there are things that are fun during the weekend, but let the large man be. I'm also sure that he'll have his cell phone with him, so he can be called by one of the top 5 teams when the time comes.

Oh, and btw, the article does contain a pretty unflattering picture of Thomas scratchin his nutz. But when you're as big as him, I guess you can pretty much abide by the rule, "if they itch, scratch 'em".


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