Saturday, April 28, 2007

Screwed That One Up

Well, the 16th pick has come and gone. Justin Harrell is now a Green Bay Packer, and Brady Quinn is still on the board at the 20th pick. F*ck.

We passed up Quinn, linebacker help, safety help, wideout help, and offensive line help. Good job Ted. Even if you were committed to interior D-Line help, at least Alan Branch from Michigan was healthy for his career, and more productive.

Two things from ESPNs coverage. First, they have to address the HiDef issues. Placing graphics on for standard viewing is all fine and dandy, but it sucks for this. HiDef channels are just that - their own channels. Hire another set of graphics peeps, and run HiDef programming. Also, over half the clips of the college players you're showing were filmed in HiDef. Get someone off their ass, have them find it, and put it on your 'hi-def' channel. Really, running a TV network shouldn't get f*cked up as much as it does over at ESPN.

They were kind enough to put this graphic up for me.

Who the hell is Frank Walker??? If he's the best addition the Packers picked up, they're in ALOT of trouble.

Here's another great pic from ESPN today... seems Packer fans weren't too happy with the pick.

Well, you can't tell by the picture, but Nort is angry on the inside. I'm disgruntled as you can see... and I have no idea what Will was doing at Lambeau for the draft party.

***the best part about that pic... those were kids in the front row that were booing the pick )***


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Momwoman said...

You should have added my picture, or at least maybe a sound bite of my reaction. Oh, then again, this is a family blog. My reaction was not pretty, as you know. I CANNOT believe it. Let me know when you and Nort and Will go out...I would like to come along. That is, if Nort can recover from this. Love,

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Nort said...

I got a head start last night... I couldn't keep watching Ted make those picks.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Nort said...

I forgot to mention it earlier... congrats on getting a good looking HDTV this time around.


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