Sunday, June 15, 2008

So That's How It Works...

Had the opening game of the 2008 season last night. T-Storms came through the area a couple of hours before the game, and it looked like it might be a repeat of last weekend all over, but we were only being toyed with... and the weather ended up being real nice for the game.

And we took advantage of it too. We ended up winning 38-6, with the Predators getting a score in the last minute of the game. We built up an early 20-0 lead, and I even had a hand in that, starting off the game going 3-3 with 2 touchdowns.

Damn it felt good.

Of course, it's pretty easy when you're surrounded by some spectacular talent, and you're not being clobbered on every dropback ;)

Next week, it's the Monarchs. If I can get my hands on some pics, I'll post em soon.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Nort said...

Congrats! You deserve a game like that for once.


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