Saturday, October 08, 2005

There ARE Better Pics, Just Not Here

Will reposted the picture I made of him with the unfortunate t-shirt on his blog, and he wondered where we got that picture of his head. He was a little disappointed because he feels that there are much better pictures of him out there.

And I'm sure that there are, I just don't have any of them.

I do have one that also bears sharing with the masses. A couple of years ago, a bunch of us had gone out to BW3's for something to eat. I forget why, but there was a bunch of us. Through the course of our time there, a server started to take a liking to Will. This server kept looking over at him, and when the server came to the table, would make a point to stand behind him and place a hand on Will's shoulder.

Normally, that would be pretty cool, but Will wasn't a big fan of this happening. This photo might help explain why ( and I apologize for the quality, it was a camera phone ):

This guy really took a liking to Will. And this server was out there. Like on fire out there. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Somehow ( and I prolly blocked out how it did ), but it came up in discussion that the server was pretty flexible. Will tried to agree, and in a flash, the server dropped to the floor doing the splits right behind Will's chair. Had the table in fits of laughter. Will was a good enough sport to have his picture taken with the guy.

And I'm not sure how this didn't strike me until now - but look at the meathooks on that guy!!! Neither of them are tiny guys, but oh my GOD!! His hands are bigger than Will's head!!! I can't get over that. How did we not notice that sitting at the table??? Look at the guy's fingers around Will's shoulder, then look at Will's fingers at the top of the server's shoulder. WTF? Why is this guy a server at BW3's?? Isn't there some sport where the only requirements are to have hands the size of a small child? This guy would clean house! I mean, I know that helps in his job (being able to hold 16 beer mugs by the bottom in one hand is helpful ), but OH MY GOD. Look at his hand!! His fingers are as big as Will's whole face!!! Run for your lives children!! That's just plain freaky!


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His hand isn't all that large once you take into account the angle of the shot. In looking at how the light falls you can determine correct messurements, and sorry to kill your freak theory but the man's hands aren't any larger than normal given his large frame.


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