Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Run For Your Lives!!!

It might rain tonight!!!!

On the way back from practice tonight, Willy made mention of the comments that were made from MMSD today, on the hopes that the fine citizens of Milwaukee wouldn't use any water tonight or tomorrow. MMSD doesn't want us to use any water, because the deep tunnel that they spent eight bazillion dollars on doesn't work. So if God decides to host a bowling tournament in the great upstairs, MMSD ends up dumping tons of raw sewage into Lake Michigan. They have to dump even more sewage if we use any water during that period. Good times.

So, if that's not funny enough that MMSD has the balls to ask us to not use any water, the media here in Milwaukee thinks it's a good idea to instill FEAR into the populous. When I got home from practice, I heated up some food, and got all settled into the recliner. I was about to flip on ESPN, when the FOX6 news at nine started.

They opened with some dramatic music, and a voice over saying that 'if you haven't had your sump-pump checked yet, it might be too late.' Then, in very dramatic fashion, they showed a shower head running, and a booming voice saying
"and you don't want to take a bath or a shower tonight, because you wouldn't want to be the one that causes a massive sewer overflow tonight - that and more stories, here at the FOX6 News at Nine!!"

Are you serious!??!? There's a whole gaggle of old ladies that now believe the world is going to come to an end if they take a bath tonight!! Way to go on that one. Not only is it abso-farkin-ridonkeylous that MMSD has the balls to ask us to not use water because they fucked up over a decade ago.... but they have the media do their bidding for them, with fear tactics!! WTF??!?!!?

I'd bitch about this more, but I think my head might explode from trying to comprehend the sheer stupidity of the whole thing. Sometimes I'm amazed that our resilience. How have we survived this long as a culture, and as a country when stupid shit like this is allowed? How does MMSD not get thrown out on their ass? How is it okay that the local media can try to frighten everyone into action? How can a city have to lay off firefighters and police officers because there's no money to pay them... but they think they can afford a $300 million transit system? How come my vaulters will do a full turn in the air with no bar up, but when the bar goes up, they let go with the wrong hand first? How have the citizens of this town not bitch-slapped the Summerfest organizers for charging $8 a beer? We could keep going on this theme for a while....

Okay, the vaulter thing was a trick question. But really... it's amazing we've made it this far.


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Nick said...

People in Wisconsin have no clue what real water problems are like. I lived in California during an 8 year drought. 8 years!

The resevoir where we got our water was so low, they stopped allowing motorized boats on it because they kept hitting silt.

The water pressure was so insanely low, you practically had to run around to get wet. You didn't even let the water heat up before you got in because it wasted too much. The first year my sister visited after I moved to Wisconsin, and she took a shower here, she screamed because the water pressure hurt her back!

People put bricks in their toilet tanks so they wouldn't use as much water when they flushed.

The Boy Scout Camp I went to as a kid had to close, because in case of a forest fire, we were all supposed to run to the lake and jump in. Well the lake got so low near the end, there wouldn't be enough room for everyone!

Speaking of forest fires... the year before I moved to Wisconsin, we had a major one that took out part of the city I lived in. There was so little water in some areas, they could barely fight the fire.

Those are water problems.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Will said...

We don't have a water problem in Wisconsin, Nick, we have a sewage problem. The deep tunnel was promised to be able to contain all the water from Waukesha and Milwaukee counties so that it could be treated -- that was a lie. MMSD, the department responsible for finding and punishing polluters in the state, voluntarily dump tons of raw, untreated sewage into Lake Michigan every year. When the deep tunnel is filled to 75% capacity MMSD channels raw sewage to the lake instead of trying to contain it for treatment.

That's a sewage problem.

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous YD said...

Great one, Matt....absolutely dead on....I'd suggest that you send this one to the Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel, but they wouldn't have the stones to print it....

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Well... not to hit on my California experience too hard Will... but seperating out sewage from rain water systems isn't all that great either. I wrote about that not too long ago. In California it's very common to split the two out to handle rain run off... and the results aren't that much better.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger clids32 said...

I don't know if you guys caught it or not, but last night a tow truck hit a hydrant and spewed water all over 27th street for over an hour before being able to turn it off. Then the idiot from the MMSD says "Naw, we'll be alright. We've got our best crew on the job." What the hell is that!!! I just heard 5 minutes earlier that all this extra water is going to create a major problem. What a bunch of donkeys.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Party Girl said...

gross. Simply, gross.

At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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