Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Triple Crown Beyotches!!

Conference outdoor meet this afternoon. I've been nervous since about 10am this morning. They're prepared, and they've jumped well the past two weeks. Except yesterday. Yesterday they didn't do so hot.

But we'll see if current 'day before' trends hold up.

I've been busier than hell today, and today is still taking SO long to end. I'm sure they can't wait for it to get started either. No team has ever won the triple crown ( indoor, relays, outdoor ) at the school before, and we have a pretty good chance.

Coach Ferguson wouldn't order the shirts ahead of time though. He's more nervous than I am. The other coaches thought it would be pretty cool to order the triple crown shirts ahead of time, and right when the meet ends - bust out the box, and hand the shirts over.

So they'll have to wait on the shirts. And I'll keep waiting for this day to end, so I can go watch 'em jump, and get this whole day over with.


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