Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

This Saturday night, at seven pm, the Hitmen will play a home game against the Fond du Lac Crusaders. We spent an extra half hour prepping for them today at practice, and I actually got some snaps.

But before you get all excited, they were snaps playing as the Crusader offense, as a look for our defense to see. I did pretty well though, so I just might have to go play for them. Hell, Fond du Lac isn't that much farther away than Muskego......

Yeah. Anyways.

It should be a good show in Muskego. We need alot of peeps to turn out for the game, so if you ain't gots sh*t to do, get your ass out there. It's only 5 bucks, and we should be in a position to get me on the field at some point. It's at the High School - and I've put the map on the Hitmen website.


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