Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Didn't quite make it to bed by seven tonight. I'll be going in a few minutes, so I only missed by about five and a half hours.

The second installment of "Almost", goes to my buddy Chris, who was almost famous tonight. The Brewers continued their downward spiral in Colorado, and Chris was there to witness it firsthand. He had great seats, and called to inform me so. He was hoping to be on TV, as his seats were right behind homeplate.

But he didn't quite make it. Almost, but not quite.

There's a guy in the first row, right under the "FSN" graphic, with his arms crossed. This isn't Chris. Behind him, just to the right, is a guy in a blue shirt, right above the "FSN" lettering. This isn't Chris either. Chris is BEHIND that guy.

Excuse the crappy pic, it was from the camera phone, I couldn't find charged batteries for the digital camera, and since he wasn't actually on screen, I wasn't going to put anymore effort into it.

Nighty-night peeps.


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