Monday, November 19, 2007

Prepping For Expansion

I haven't posted much lately, and I wish that I could post more. I had this eloquent post about the asshats in West Bend that tried to get 120 million dollars from the taxpayers for new schools, but never got around to finishing it. Maybe soon, cuz I know how much you all love reading my posts where I bitch about stuff.

But things have been a-happenin' around the offices of Know What I Mean. I'm vying for a new job, one that would be too perfect. But it's an interesting process ( to put it politely ), so I await my fate on that front. My current position is in a complete state of turmoil, so that's no fun.

I had an introspective post a little while ago, and it seems some of those thoughts are amplified. I'm left wondering why somethings in life are as difficult as they are. I've always believed that God has a sense of humor, but sometimes I don't understand the humor. Like when you don't truly love to do what you're innately good at, and just aren't good enough at what you really love ( or circumstances make it impossible ) to make a living out of it. But there will be more time for more deep thoughts later.

Besides the career consternation, I've been busy with operational matters here at Know What I Mean. I've moved the home office as part of the expansion project. With the new employee arriving in just a couple of months, there's been the sound of hammers, miter saws, and the occasional "F" bomb during furniture assembly.

A chair rail, a lighter coat of paint on the top, a crib and a dresser. And I still have all ten fingers after playing with the miter saw.

Add a changing table, a whole bunch of stuff from a shower, and when it's all done, this new employee is gonna have a better setup than the management staff here at Know What I Mean.

There's more to come, and I'll actually try to finish some of the stuff I've got in the draft folder. ( Like the trip down memory lane to Monsterpiece Theater, via Nick. Which is actually kinda fun, given the above pictures. )

And just for fun since I had the camera out, here's PJ and Shelby to wish you all a good night.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger chris said...

I've always been partial of this pic of PJ and Shelby....

At 8:52 PM, Blogger ptg said...

don't worry, even MORE stuff will accumulate for the new addition to the household. And then more...and more...and more. It's shocking really.

And the clothes? Oh yea. They'll be more too.

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous The Asian Badger said...

Nice dogs. If you still have ten fingers left after playing with the mitre saw, you need to re-read the directions. ;)

Best of luck to you and the HR department with the new employee.

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Damion said...

Just so you know the new employee will have MANY benefits that you used to enjoy. Access to the head female will just be one of them. I hope you have enjoyed your fun time because it is probably over for a while. (a while meaning just until she decides that you are ready to have another one)


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