Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Place Your Bets... The Results Show!

Holy Jeebus.

I hope you took the over on my previous question about how much sewage that MMSD would dump in the lake as a result of all the rain we had the last two weeks.

Drumroll please......

If you had 2.9 billion gallons as your guess, please step forward.

No one? Anyone??? Bueller???

2.9 billion gallons. OMG. That's alot of shit. Now, it's mixed rainwater and sewage - but that really doesn't make it any better now does it? Diluted human waste is still human waste. But 2.9 BILLION gallons. I can't even picture how much shit that is.

What the hell did they ever do before they spent 2 billion dollars on that Deep Tunnel? And no one gets fired for stuff like this. If I decided not to file my TPS reports for a week at work one time, there'd be hell to pay. But these bureaucrats can piss away taxpayer money, and dump all this raw sewage into the environment, and there's ABSOLUTELY no consequences for them. How have we survived this long as a society, let alone as a city here in Milwaukee???


At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Milwaukee Riverkeeper said...

Just a quick note to let you know that Friends of Milwaukee's Rivers/Milwaukee Riverkeeper have 2 different lawsuits against MMSD for illegal sewage dumping. The federal Clean Water Act allows for what's called "citizen suits" that allow citizens to step up and enforce the law when the appropriate state and federal agencies fail to do so. unfortunately, we have been in court defeating motions to dismiss (largely MMSD's appeals to toss out our case) since 2002. We filed a second lawsuit in 2006 in federal court, which has still never received a hearing date or schedule. Find out more about us at www.mkeriverkeeper.org. Thanks for your advocacy. It is never acceptable to dump untreated sewage in our waterways!


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