Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas In July

Or close to it...

Tonight, I saw not one, not two... but THREE separate commercials for "Back To School" sales from three different retailers. What the hell? Let the kids enjoy what brief summer they have. It's not even August 1st yet.

The commercials may have been running earlier than now, and I just didn't pay any attention to it. But perhaps I noticed it because I am aware that at least one prominent retailer is having a meeting to discuss the "X-Mas strategy" on August 1st. Yikes. Just how early is TOO early? A mall in the area here starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. The day after Thanksgiving might be a 'black' holiday for retailers... but rolling out Jingle Bells a month before Turkey day is bananas.

Things like this will be regulated when I'm in charge. I'll make that campaign pledge to you now.


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